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City Rise Safety has over 25 years experience in the areas of construction, traffic safety, traffic engineering, site-specific drawings, construction drawings, traffic plan design, and permit submittals.


You can rest easy in the knowledge that City Rise is experienced in all aspects of the drafting process, including technical planning and permit compliance. As the leader in engineering and traffic control services, City Rise is dedicated to ensuring that all traffic plans adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and craftsmanship.


Already have site-specific construction drawings? No problem. We will handle permit processing or traffic control services.


All you have is the project’s street address? No problem. We will produce a construction drawing, traffic plan, permit documentation, and traffic control services that meet both your specifications and deadlines.


Our planning department consists of analysts, ex-inspectors, and drafting professionals that hold A, C31, C32, D41, D42, P.E, and traffic engineering licenses and qualifications.


Between our expertise and the close relationships we maintain with cities and municipalities across the state, City Rise will keep your projects moving forward with rapid turnaround, professional grade service, and budgetary relief.


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