It was Safety Night for fans at the Stockton Arena on Saturday night. Over 2,000 safety vests were passed out in an effort to break the previous record of 2,137 that was set in Japan.

City Rise Safety did its part to help break the record that was set last October in Japan. With City Rise Safety’s help, Stockton Heat was able to provide 2,000 vests to participating fans. The arena encouraged the rest of the fans to bring their own in order to topple the record. It was a chance for the community to come together and support a fun event. “It’s always a great thing when the community can come together, have a great time and also learn about road safety. It’s important that the workers and traveling public get their work done and make it home safely,” remarked Nicole Beadles. If Safety Night does not break the record for most safety vests worn in one sitting, it will, at the very least, break the record for most vests worn in a sporting event.

The Stockton Heat is an affiliate of the Calgary Flames (NHL). Currently, they sit in 6th place within the Pacific Division for 41 games. The new year has been a struggle for the Heat as they have dropped 3 out of 8 games and are currently on a five-game losing streak that they hope to break. They hope to make a push towards the top of the standings with 27 games left to go in the season.

City Rise Safety is California’s leader in traffic control, traffic plans, and flagging services for road work and road construction. They have the best traffic planners in the world and are ready to address your needs with the utmost precision. City Rise has locations all throughout California, making it easy to accommodate any traffic problems you may have. With some of the best equipment in the business, City Rise makes it quick and easy to rent any equipment you may need. City Rise puts the customer first and looks to make the community a safer place.

Who needs a promo night? Go out and support the Stockton Heat as they continue to make their push for the AHL playoffs.